Stichting voor en door intern
toezichthouders in de goededoelensector

Internal Supervision Foundation for Charities

In recent years, internal supervision has been dominated by continuous development and professionalization. And diversos sectores, internal regulators are already united. The internal supervisors at charity organizations had not yet united, with which the sector lagged behind other sectors. ITGD de profesionalización concéntrica hands and feet give puerta the provision and exchange of knowledge and network function for internal supervisors of charities. This concerns both members of supervisory boards in the sector and members of the board at smaller institutions. For example, ITGD wants to contribute to compliance and further development of standards for supervision based on Good Governance or SBF code and the Charity Recognition Regulations. ITGD also wants to help promote the quality of supervision by sharing guidelines, facilitating recommendations in best practices in the discussion on this between supervisors in the sector.

The initiators consider it important that ITGD Foundation work independently: for and by supervisors. The foundation does work closely with Goede Doelen Nederland and with the National Register. The trade association brings in specific sector knowledge, National Register expertise in the field of governance and supervision. In the first instance, ITGD Foundation is only accessible to supervisors of charities who are members of the sector organization.